Memory Of Forgiveness

A Dance piece inspired by a stroy of Jan Ruff O’Herne.

Dance Performance(stage)
Premiere: 18th March, 2018 
Location: Art Space Co-oh, Tokyo, Japan                   
Length: 20min                
Choreography/Dance: Airi Suzuki                         Music: Samuel Kan, NST studio
Superviser: Kenta Shibasaki Light: Koki Shinmura              Production/Organization: UTMOST Dance lab  

Jan Ruff O’Herne was a Dutch lady born and raised in Indonesia when it was still Dutch colony in 1930s. During Great East Asian War, as Japan invaded  Indonesia, Japanese Imperial Army built comfort station(sex slave station) for their solders, and forced lots of local women including white Dutch women to work there.  Jan was one of those victims. In her autobiography, her most powerful and extraordinary statement was her “forgiveness mind set”. She said she forgave Japan and her past horrible experience. How does it  possible to “forgive” such an awful past? In the piece, Airi explored the process and her suffering to go through awful memory to giving them up to her own recovery with her Christian faith. Also, the piece questions how women’s sexuality is enshrined or neglected at that period especially during the war situation. 

Dance Film

“Memory Of Forgiveness”

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Airi Suzuki Film Director: Saki Matsumoto Production: UTMOST, Creative Piece. Premiere: March, 2019, TOKYO Selected Film Festivals: Verasity Dance Festival California, San Fransisco Dance Film Festival.