Language Switcher


Choreography/Performance: Airi Suzuki
Length: 15min Premiere: June, 2010.
Location: Eventspace M in Daikanyama, Tokyo
Music: yokotsukayuuya, DJ RYOHEI
Light Designer: Juichiro Saito
Rehearsal Assistant: Mariko Kenmotsu
Performance: Yokohama Dance Collection 2011, Festival Caen France in 2013

When I was trying to create this piece, “lishmoa”, I was lost as a dancer, choreographer and a person. I didn’t know what was the most important thing in my life. We all suffer and struggle to search the paths or directions. At the same time, we are already in the process of believing and trusting. Maybe everything in the world is not complete yet and in the middle of that process. We don’t know yet, but all try to know. Nothing is complete yet and so am I. At that time, there is one Bible verse that hit my heart.
"Whether you turn right or let, you ears hear the voice "This is the road. Walk in it.” Isaiah