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"So I Dance For Forgiveness…"

Premiere:8th March, 2019
(ALTER EGO Festival, Sofia Bulgaria2022 official selection)
@Atelier Dai Q Art, Tokyo
Choreography/Dance: Airi Suzuki
Dramaturgy:Kenta Shibasaki
Music:Samuel Kan, Elder Kedem
Superviser : Lihito Kamiya
Light:Seiji Hayakawa
Organization:UTMOST Movement Lab

A 60min solo dance piece which was inspired by a book of Jean Ruff-O’Herne who was a Dutch lady, forced to become a comfort woman of Imperial Japanese Army in Indonesia during Great East Asian War in 1940s. In this piece, Airi Suzuki, the choreographer and the performer shares experience of Jan by focusing on her “forgiveness mind set” and reflect that to her own personal life experience and thoughts to look for the meaning or concept of forgiveness.